"Return of Temptation" at The Strand Gallery Full Report

"Return of Temptation" was the Guild's first major exhibition of 2014 with 34 members exhibiting.
After last year’s successful exhibition, The Guild were back by popular demand to The Strand Gallery, London on 7th October ending on 12th October 2014. The exhibition this year showed a different variety of members, although there were some that exhibited in 2013. Both UK and International, the choice was immense, with over 250 pieces of artwork on display. 10 exhibitors made major sales and many more made good contacts which is what these exhibitions are really all about.

The Private View evening was held on the opening day and over 150 were in attendance, something of a record for that gallery! With Colin and Ilona manning the front and Kate downstairs helping out with the catering, it was a very busy but ultimately smooth running evening. The Annual Jade Awards along with a special Guild Awards were presented at 7:00pm. It combined both the 2014 Jade Awards along with the 2013 Awards which were postponed from last year because of the passing of Silvee.
Awards were as follows:
Nora Ness - Runner Up
Boris Ivkov - Runner Up
John Tisbury - Special Achievement Award

Ruth Bircham - Runner Up
Steve DT - Runner Up
Len Gifford - Special Achievement Award

There then followed the very special Guild Awards that were awarded simply on the length of dedication to The Guild. There were 10 members who had been full members of The Guild for 10 years or more;
Chris Francis joined 21-Jan-03
Harry Weisburd joined 21-Nov-03
Robin Goss joined 05-Dec-03
Great Northern Publishing joined 09-Dec-03
John Keedwell joined 24-Jan-04
Richard Murrin joined 24-Jan-04
Mike Crawley joined 24-Jan-04
Barry Tyler joined 25-Jul-04
Steve Dt joined 14-Oct-04
Peter Bratt joined 23-Dec-04
Those who were in attendance received a signed certificate and Honorary Membership. The rest will have their certificates sent to them.
A video of the evening is being produced and will be available soon.
Special thanks must go the following;
Ilona Holmwood for being on hand all week with admin and catering
Kate Bo for helping out on the PV Catering
Peter Wallis for being the official photographer
OPC Media for arranging the video of the PV
The exhibitors who made it the biggest and best show The Guild has organised and London has ever seen.
Colin Ballard for organising it all and making it happen.
The Full Exhibitor List:
Artists: Paul John Ballard, Ruth Bircham, John Clark, Mark Davy-Jones, Elizabetha, Chris Francis, Kevina Labonne, Patrick John Martin, Heather McCoy, Lindsay McDermid, David McDiarmid, Elsie McKeegan, Chuck Monroe, Richard Murrin, Eszter Nagy, Gerald Porter, Daniel Stedman, Barry W Tyler, Eric Wallis (USA), Harry Weisburd (USA), Jocelyn Woods (USA).
Photographers: Gregory Brown, Mike Crawley, Steve DT, Bill Hallett, Toby Jackman, Paul Oughton, Stuart Runham, Ryan Smith(USA), John Tisbury, Steven G White, Xanadu Images.
Sculptors: Len Gifford, Tony Meadows

The photos shown here were taken by Ruth Bircham and Colin Ballard. The Official photography will appear here and on the Facebook Return to Temptation page next week.

Event Day Reports | Published Oct 2014