Report of Guild Exhibition “Temptation” at The Strand Gallery, London WC2

The Strand Exhibition went extremely well, sold 18 pieces of artwork as well as a lot of Guild books. It was well received, and the comments from visitors make great reading. I would like to thank everyone who exhibited there to make it the absolute biggest and best exhibition of sensual/erotic art The Guild has ever organised. We will bprobably make that venue a regular annual exhibition.

Guild Exhibition “Temptation” at The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6BP
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The human body is a sensual area whichever way it is depicted. Artists over the centuries have allowed their freedom of expression to portray the male and female body in a variety of styles. Everyone has an inner beauty and through art and photography this is brought to life.

“Temptation” is how it should be; the artwork on show is designed to tempt you; a bit naughty but not smutty, artistic but not pornographic; A glimpse into the world of real figurative art.

The Guild of Erotic Artists is a world renowned organisation bringing the best portrayers of sensual, figurative art to the fore. Founded in 2002, it brought together established and emerging erotic artists together as one voice to promote freedom of expression. This exhibition brings together 35 of them with probably the largest display of figurative art in London for years. Over 250 pieces of artwork over two floors.

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Aziz Anzabi
Robert Babylon
Paul John Ballard
Bob Bowrige
Louise Brown
Jacqueline Carstairs
John Clark
Mark Davy-Jones
Nikki Dennington
Chris Francis
James Lendon
Lindsay McDermid
Richard Murrin
Ric Savage
John Silver
B W Tyler
Jeff Wack
Eric Wallis
Harry Weisburd

Gregory Brown
John Coles
Steve DT
John Evans
Toby Jackman
Linda Johnson
Patricia Pastore
RF Images
Karenza Rosier
Tim Rosier
John Tisbury
Xanadu Images

Len Gifford
Tony Meadows

Member News | Published Sep 2013